Leassons Learned from the Companions – Uthman Session 3

Currency was given to many other fictitious stories of the so-called waywardness of Uthman and his government. No body could tell from where such stories emanated, but nevertheless they became the common talk of the people, and in the absence of any refutation, the people generally came to believe in the rumors.

Such as what happens today. When people spread their slanderous comments against a righteous person, oftentimes if the comments are not addressed the people take them to be true.

The position became embarrassing and some of the companions suggested to Uthman that reliable agents should be sent to various provinces to investigate the matter and report about the truth of such rumors.

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Lessons learned from the Companions – Uthman Session 2

Despite Aamir being vindicated of the lies made against him by Uthman, He did not return the favor. He felt that Uthman should have never investigated him and became bitter towards him. Aamir insisted that charges or no charges, he had forfeited the right to rule, and should step down of his own free will or he would be removed by force. That was pure sedition on the part of ‘Aamir and hot words were exchanged between the two, but to show how just Uthman was, all he did was ban the return of Aamir to Kufa, the place that seeded him with these bad thoughts, and instead sent him back to Syria and told Muawaiyah to care for him and keep an eye on him

Such is the nature of those who are righteous. Despite the disrespect and lies of others, the Righteous try to remain just and upright hoping that Allah will mend the broken fences and guide the rebellious ones back to the truth

Again, this wisdom would later lead to the downfall of Uthman

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Lessons Learned from the Companions – Uthman Session 1

As it is today, there seems to be for every fitnah encountered by the Muslims the Jews were behind it. The fitnah that occurred with the companions began during the Caliphate of Uthman with a man named Ibn Saba who was responsible for beginning a religious movement against Islam. It aimed at the subversion of Islam by creating doubts among the Muslims with regard to certain matters of their belief. So thus, from the cruel designs of one Jewish man, the whole muslim nation was in sedition. Not from anything that could be proven to be true of Uthman, but rumors and allegations based on people who had it out for him simply because he did not support some wrong or desires of theirs.

Such is the same for many of us today . When faced with fitnah, we look back to how it was in the beginning to try to figure what did we do wrong to bring this upon ourselves. And often times we come up empty handed. Such was the case for Uthman.

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Lessons Learned from the Companions – We were Created to Make Mistakes!

O Adam do not be sad as I told you: come out from the Paradise, which I created for you and your descendants. O Adam you used to come to Me like a king enters to another king. Today you enter like a servant when he comes to his king. O Adam do not be discontent because of your slip, which caused you to err, for you are a human that commits sins. “And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you.”

Lecture details how we can learn from Adam the first man created that we were created to make mistakes. To not make mistakes is to not be human. This is important to understand before delving into the differences that emerged among the companions.

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Guarding Against the Tongue – How to Prevent Gossip!

”If a wicked person (i.e. faasiq) comes to you with news, then verify it, lest you harm people without realizing it (i.e. out of ignorance) and afterwards you become regretful for what you’ve done.”

Lecture speaks of what to do if someone comes to you with gossip. There are 6 steps that must be implemented. Doing so will prevent others from being harmed.

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Guarding Against the Tongue – How to Repent from Sins of the Tongue

Taking back any oppression that was inflicted on someone or asking for his forgiveness or absolvment from that.

Lecture speaks in detail as to what to do as repentance from the sins of the tongue. It includes going to the people you have talked about another person to and letting them know you were wrong and a loser for doing so. Despite all this the person harmed is not obligated to accept your forgiveness

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Guarding Against the Tongue – Bad Thoughts lead to Backbiting of the Heart!

“Indeed, Allaah has permitted for my ummah, that which their souls whisper to them, so long as they do not speak it out (audibly) or act upon it.” [Bukhari]

Lecture speaks of how harboring bad thoughts about a person in your heart is considered backbiting of the heart because it often leads to you speaking badly of the person. Lecture details how to recognize the signs of this and how to cure and prevent it from happening.

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