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What Does Sunnahfollowers Mean to Me?

As Salaamu Alaikoum, I am Lisa, a regular student of SunnahfollowersNet and this is what being a Sunnahfollower Student means to me: S for Sustenance U for Understanding N for Nourishment N for No Nonsense A for Allah H for … Continue reading

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Share Feedback On our Video’s!

We Put out so many video’s everyday so I decided it would be great to have a section here for you to give your feedback. So tell us what you think of our video lectures.. which are your favorites?? Which … Continue reading

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This Life vs the Hereafter…Prioritize Now! – Fasharif

  It is so easy for us as Muslims to become lost in the life of this world with work and school.  We need to step back sometimes and take a look at things.  Here is how one of our … Continue reading

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