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As Salaamu Aalikoum,


AlHumduiallah we have so many video’s lectures coming out of our website everyday.. and it seems each video gets better than the one before it. What I would like to do in this email is explain how to view the video lectures free from the “stopping” that many of you may be experiencing when watching them from Google or other places. First of all, this stopping occurs as a result of Google not compressing their images. They have so many video’s being uploaded to them daily that they dont have the time to compress each one… I do have an inside connection who places our video’s immediately to Google.. I have contacted him and informed him of the problem, but inshallah this email will alleviate this problem.

The way to watch the video’s free from all the stopping is to download them onto your computer.

This is good too because you can then store the video’s onto a data cd – or burn them to a dvd and in dvd players on the television! This is great for the children because all of our video’s are made in high definetion meaning the images will appear to jump off the screen! Google allows you to download all video’s onto your PC.

How do I download the Video’s from Google?

1. To download and play video’s from the internet you must first download and install the latest Realplayer which is RealPlayer 11 and you can do that by clicking here:

2. You must also download and install Quicktime player:

3. Go to google and next to the video you will see the words DOWNLOAD. Click on That. Your internet explorer may block the download.. if this is so you can click on the top of the explorer with the left of your mouse to allow the download.. or you can Right click on the link given by google and click Save Target As and then save the file to your desktop.

4. After the file downloads onto your computer desktop.. you are now ready to play it. Click on the file to open it and it will auto play in your RealPlayer.

You can play as often as you like and put the file on a cd or dvd!

Inshallah pass these instructions to everyone on your email lists who will watch our video’s so they too know how to download and enjoy the dawah messages we try to convey.

May Allah bless us all!

Laila Nasheeba
Managing Director

9 Responses to Download Videos

  1. عمر says:

    مشكور على البرنامج

  2. hassan says:

    I cannot download any video from google video site. let me know how to download ibrahim dremali’s the stranger lectue either in mp3 or viedo file


  4. Anonymous says:

    sister laila i dont think the lecture by sheikh hasan Sex In Islam with Sheikh Hasan Khalil Session 1 is in google if you can help it will be greatful

  5. Aniyah says:

    sis laila.. what about for vids that are on viemo. it has options for shaing placing as a favorite vid but not for download. how do i download thoes?

  6. shakera says:


  7. Aisha says:

    Salam aleikum Nice site!

  8. My Allah help all muslim

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