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2 Responses to Sunnahfollowers Magazine

  1. isho omar says:

    Aslum alukum Wow this website is mash allah may allah bless and to keep this website from ignorant people it a lesson for us Muslim to learn our Deen and to see people going through the same situation like us keep the good work.

  2. The next issue of Sunnahfollowers Magazine will inshallah be released next week. Our theme is “Change begins with ones self.” I will be writing a short story for the Muslim youth that hopefully will serve as a wake up call for many. Here is an excerpt:

    Jasmine’s first class was biology. As she heads over to the class she notices members of the football team standing in the hall outside the room. Jeff Warner, the quarterback is there with a crowd of girls around him. Jasmine can not keep her heart from beating fast. In his 6 feet 4 glory, Jeff Warner was one of the most handsome guys Jasmine had ever seen. Of course he would never be interested in a girl like her. Being a Moslem, why should he? As Jasmine walks around the football team members, she suddenly finds herself pulled by her arm and her back smashed against a locker. Startled, she slowly looks up and is confronted with a strong chest and bright blue eyes slightly covered by a stream of black curly hair.

    “Hello beautiful,” Jeff Warner booms in his deep voice. He smiles revealing the deepest dimples ever to be seen.

    “Aww man not again,” one of his team members calls out. “Give some one else a chance.”

    Jeff laughs as he looks down at the shocked Jasmine. “How ’bout you give me your number and we can hook up later.” He smiles causing his dimples to deepen.

    “Umm, I don’t have a cell phone,” Jasmine answers.

    “Then meet me at Charlies, Saturday at one-o-clock.”

    Jasmine is too shocked to even think properly. As if sensing her uneasiness, Jeff runs a finger gently across her face. “Don’t worry I will not stand you up,” he says. “ Just please make sure that you are there.” He then releases her and flashes another dimple clad smile. “Enjoy your day,” he says as he turns to his team members and walks away…

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